Would you rather…☆

This is such a fun game! And just a really fun post so let me know what you would rather in the comments.

We started playing this game in a late club after school to keep the little ones calm but I have honestly played this game with so many people (little and big) and in so many places! Car rides, at the dinner table and on nights out as a drinking game.

This game really has no age limits and I have played this with Dan, my mum, my sisters, little ones in school and anyone that I really want to break the ice with.

You can really adjust this game to who is playing, and really understand people’s thinking behind their options.

Rules!: you must choose one of the options, no backing out, you have to make a choice!

Here are some of the options I’ve used before, feel free to use them or tell me what you would rather:

Would you rather….

  • Eat a slug burger or worm spaghetti?
  • Have an extra hand or an extra foot?
  • Feel like you need to sneeze and then not or always have slightly damp socks?
  • Would you rather have a chicken size T-Rex or T-Rex size dinosaur?
  • Never have a roast dinner again or never have a fried breakfast again?
  • Have your favourite food and only that for the rest of your life or have lots of different meals you don’t like for the rest of life?
  • Always be too hot or too cold?
  • Have one large finger or lots of tiny hand where your fingers are?
  • Always be stuck behind someone walking super slow or constantly smelling an indescribable smell that no one else can smell?
  • Only be able to shout or only be able to whisper?
  • Travel 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future?

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