Sell, sell, sell ☆

It is no secret that my wardrobe is ridiculously overflowing. With half my closet at my bf mum’s and half at my mum’s, I was I real need of a purge. Why oh why do I hold on to things that I have never worn? Why did I even buy them? Having a look through some online sites and apps I realised I could resell some of my items (leaving me some extra pennies to shop save!). In this blog post I have looked at the five apps that I use the most, I have included tips, my likes and dislikes, and my names on each site incase you want to have a little peek. What sites/apps do you like to use? Have you used these apps? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? let me know in the comments.

The apps I have included in this post have the same upload set up; take and upload a photo of the item, write a description, set a price and then post to the virtual market place. I really do believe that taking photos in day light, with no flash or filters, gives the best kind lighting for a true representation of the item. I mostly take photos of my clothes on hangers, so you can see how items hang, instead of trying them on as most items no longer fit (too big or too small). I think this goes it the most clear and un-cluttered background. My biggest pet hate when using these apps is seeing messy bedrooms in the back of images, it really distracts from the item they are selling. Although it normally is just clutter it also makes me think the item will be dirty or not in the best condition as they can not look after their environment/bedroom.


I feel like mercari is the least popular and newest of these apps, by that I mean I am the least successful on this site and i think this maybe down to the amount of users. This could also be because you must include the cost of postage and packaging in the total price of the item, this can put off some users as this bumps up the price. I really love the way that if a buyer needs to return an item mercari provides a free returns service. Mercari also runs promotional offers such as £2 credit to spend on the app. My store on mercari is Chelsea Billy Dicks.


Depop has a large amount of users, 7 million to be exact.  I adore that small independent boutiques use depop and can pop up on your homepage, this is a really great way to find exciting new shops. Depop do take 10% of each sale you make, which can be especially irritating after you reduce a price for a customer. I also like the instagram feel to depop, but I do wish that you could add postal tracking numbers directly to sold pages. My shop on depop is @cdicks.
Shpock you may know from the adverts on TV, and is a super app for selling items that are not just clothes. They use their discover homepage really well by making sub-categories, like ‘beat the heat’ which included water toys, fans and ice cream makers.  Although not often I have had issues with users on this app, i was left a very unfair and untrue review. I contacted customer services for them to delete the review, which took some time as this is a German app their customer services is based in Germany, they were helpful and friendly. Also you can connect with your facebook friends, this may be a good thing or bad thing as they could see you selling a gift they got you! Even though there is some small gripes I really do like this app as it is always updating and easy to use. My username on shpock is Chelsea D.
Village is like shpocks little sister, it is very similar in certain ways (can sell an item) but it is not as fast or updates as often as shpock. Village is based locally and all items ‘should’ be i walking distance. I have found when I have searched for something in particular it can show anywhere across the country. I like that this is local as this saves on postage. My name on village is Chelsea but can’t add a link as you must be local to find people.

vinted image

Vinted I feel is the most sophisticated out all the apps. When first downloading the app I had to put in my sizes and now when I log on it shows clothes and shoes in my size. i love this idea as it saves time, instead of sifting through items that will not fit. I also appreciate thats you get a sense of feeling that your items will be hitting the right target of buyers. I don’t like that vinted charges you 50p each time you withdraw your balance from the app, but its understandable as it would like you to keep the money in the app and not spent elsewhere. it is comforting that you can add tracking in the sold page so both you and the buyer can track the sent item through the app instead of having to continuously add it when on the royal mail website. My name on vinted is c.r.g.dicks.


I hope this post has been helpful if you have any more questions fee free to ask, do let me know what sites/apps you use and what works well for you. 🙂


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