Schools out for the summer ☆

Wahooooo! As you may or may not know the school year has now finished, so I thought I might share some of my favourite things to do this year has been. Some of these ideas are original, inspired by Pinterest or completely stolen from Pinterest (sorry! I will include my Pinterest link to you can have a little peep) but I will explain just why I loved them! What’s your favourite thing you have done this year? Maybe you could let me know in the comments section.

Ice & Chalk tuff tray
I originally choose this tuff tray as a quick idea for a really hot summers morning to keep the little ones cool but it evolved into something so much more. The investigation of the melting ice and water sparked colour mixing and a variety of textures to enquire. My little ones wanted to add more and more to the tray so they began by asking for salt to melt the ice quicker (science) and used scissors (fine motor skills) to crush the chalk into a powder. I will definitely be doing this again next year as I know one of our topics will be science, plus I just loved the colours!

Papier mâché planets
I know, I know this has been done so many times! But it was so much fun! Firstly the little ones told us how big to blow up the balloons which they did so well. All our planets were pretty much in size order, we even gave our Saturn rings with a bit of balloon modelling. This was done by our amazing float TA who runs the after school circus club and is just fabulous. We used copy paper instead of news paper but I’ve included the recipe below for our papier mâché gloop below. My little ones had great fun painting the planets, once they were dry, the also added texture with tissue paper and coloured sand. We then used them in our science space display which was a
massive hit!
Gloop recipe
4:3 parts PVA glue
1:3 parts water
Shook in a bottle before mixing with copier paper just so was completely mixed. I mixed the gloop with torn up copier paper in an old tray before pasting around the balloons.

The Crown Jewels mystery
This was amazing and became such a cool enquiry project! Our summer term topic was London we discovered so much information about our city including history, architecture and transport. Our little ones came in one day to find a special delivery from the Tower of London, it was the Crown Jewels. Later that week they received a letter from the queen asking if they could look after the jewels. Unfortunately these jewels were stolen and the little ones had to eliminate staff and work out who it could be. I loved every second of this project from seeing the little ones faces each time we had interaction be it delivery or interviewing staff was priceless. We really was able to push them in different areas of learning with this enquiry project. We used lots words with the new sound of the week in when sending in letters. Counting and making lists of what Jewels we had. Reading up on what we knew about the Crown Jewels, beefeaters and police so we could guard them the best. Creating traps for burglars with junk modelling.what I enjoyed the most in this enquiry project was the innovative independent ideas from the little ones.

Tower of London
Just sticking with our London theme I made some really simple adjustments to a resources we already had. I added laminated beefeater puppets, a Tower of London sign and a laminated image of the Crown Jewels from the story “Pussy cat, Pussy cat, where have you been?”. We enhanced this later in the week by adding black feathers from the ‘ravens’.This small world sparked such great vocabulary in a variety of areas. The little ones also independently added the small world people small to have tourists, and used our money to buy tickets for entry. This will inspire me to adjust other resources, especially for small world play.

Let me know what some of your favourite things to do this year have been, what you are planning or if I can help in anyway 🙂


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