Would you rather…☆


This is such a fun game! And just a really fun post so let me know what you would rather in the comments.

We started playing this game in a late club after school to keep the little ones calm but I have honestly played this game with so many people (little and big) and in so many places! Car rides, at the dinner table and on nights out as a drinking game.

This game really has no age limits and I have played this with Dan, my mum, my sisters, little ones in school and anyone that I really want to break the ice with.

You can really adjust this game to who is playing, and really understand people’s thinking behind their options.

Rules!: you must choose one of the options, no backing out, you have to make a choice!

Here are some of the options I’ve used before, feel free to use them or tell me what you would rather:

Would you rather….

  • Eat a slug burger or worm spaghetti?
  • Have an extra hand or an extra foot?
  • Feel like you need to sneeze and then not or always have slightly damp socks?
  • Would you rather have a chicken size T-Rex or T-Rex size dinosaur?
  • Never have a roast dinner again or never have a fried breakfast again?
  • Have your favourite food and only that for the rest of your life or have lots of different meals you don’t like for the rest of life?
  • Always be too hot or too cold?
  • Have one large finger or lots of tiny hand where your fingers are?
  • Always be stuck behind someone walking super slow or constantly smelling an indescribable smell that no one else can smell?
  • Only be able to shout or only be able to whisper?
  • Travel 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future?

Ahaaaa… using AHAs ☆


I am a big fan of exfoliation, I have used so many, Clearasil black head clearing scrub to soap and glory’s face soap and clarity to name a few.

But lately I have been using Botanics at boots bright radiance concentrate serum £8.99, which isn’t your usual exfoliate and definitely a step in a different direction to my normal in shower facial scrubs.

The main reason I choose to start using this serum is because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and natural ones at that. Botanics have used natural AHA’s from hibiscus plants (I lovvvvveee hibiscus anyway, even had them on my magnum!).

Now what are Alpha Hydroxy acids? AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliation chemical compound and although it is an acid is no way as strong as immediately think; like hydrochloric and sulphuric acids.

AHAs can fizzle away dead skin cells and promote and stimulate skin renewal. Do be aware that AHAs can irritate sensitive skin, I haven’t had to many issues with the Botanics this maybe because of low amount or my unusually resilient skin.

AHAs do increase skin sensitivity to the sun and Botanics do recommend you use their day cream which has a spf15, I have tried this day cream but I personally have use a spf50 every day.

I have no problem with putting creams on top of this serum as it really soaks into my skin and leaves a very light to no residue. I also adore the scent of this, it’s so floral and fresh something you really want to be putting on your skin during the humid summer we seem to be having!

I do love this product and will be buying Organise Facial oil for when my skin is feeling extra thirsty.

Do let me know if you use AHAs, have given Botanics products a try before. what AHAs you use or if you have any questions I will do my best to answer 🙂

Sell, sell, sell ☆


It is no secret that my wardrobe is ridiculously overflowing. With half my closet at my bf mum’s and half at my mum’s, I was I real need of a purge. Why oh why do I hold on to things that I have never worn? Why did I even buy them? Having a look through some online sites and apps I realised I could resell some of my items (leaving me some extra pennies to shop save!). In this blog post I have looked at the five apps that I use the most, I have included tips, my likes and dislikes, and my names on each site incase you want to have a little peek. What sites/apps do you like to use? Have you used these apps? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? let me know in the comments.

The apps I have included in this post have the same upload set up; take and upload a photo of the item, write a description, set a price and then post to the virtual market place. I really do believe that taking photos in day light, with no flash or filters, gives the best kind lighting for a true representation of the item. I mostly take photos of my clothes on hangers, so you can see how items hang, instead of trying them on as most items no longer fit (too big or too small). I think this goes it the most clear and un-cluttered background. My biggest pet hate when using these apps is seeing messy bedrooms in the back of images, it really distracts from the item they are selling. Although it normally is just clutter it also makes me think the item will be dirty or not in the best condition as they can not look after their environment/bedroom.


I feel like mercari is the least popular and newest of these apps, by that I mean I am the least successful on this site and i think this maybe down to the amount of users. This could also be because you must include the cost of postage and packaging in the total price of the item, this can put off some users as this bumps up the price. I really love the way that if a buyer needs to return an item mercari provides a free returns service. Mercari also runs promotional offers such as £2 credit to spend on the app. My store on mercari is Chelsea Billy Dicks.


Depop has a large amount of users, 7 million to be exact.  I adore that small independent boutiques use depop and can pop up on your homepage, this is a really great way to find exciting new shops. Depop do take 10% of each sale you make, which can be especially irritating after you reduce a price for a customer. I also like the instagram feel to depop, but I do wish that you could add postal tracking numbers directly to sold pages. My shop on depop is @cdicks.
Shpock you may know from the adverts on TV, and is a super app for selling items that are not just clothes. They use their discover homepage really well by making sub-categories, like ‘beat the heat’ which included water toys, fans and ice cream makers.  Although not often I have had issues with users on this app, i was left a very unfair and untrue review. I contacted customer services for them to delete the review, which took some time as this is a German app their customer services is based in Germany, they were helpful and friendly. Also you can connect with your facebook friends, this may be a good thing or bad thing as they could see you selling a gift they got you! Even though there is some small gripes I really do like this app as it is always updating and easy to use. My username on shpock is Chelsea D.
Village is like shpocks little sister, it is very similar in certain ways (can sell an item) but it is not as fast or updates as often as shpock. Village is based locally and all items ‘should’ be i walking distance. I have found when I have searched for something in particular it can show anywhere across the country. I like that this is local as this saves on postage. My name on village is Chelsea but can’t add a link as you must be local to find people.

vinted image

Vinted I feel is the most sophisticated out all the apps. When first downloading the app I had to put in my sizes and now when I log on it shows clothes and shoes in my size. i love this idea as it saves time, instead of sifting through items that will not fit. I also appreciate thats you get a sense of feeling that your items will be hitting the right target of buyers. I don’t like that vinted charges you 50p each time you withdraw your balance from the app, but its understandable as it would like you to keep the money in the app and not spent elsewhere. it is comforting that you can add tracking in the sold page so both you and the buyer can track the sent item through the app instead of having to continuously add it when on the royal mail website. My name on vinted is c.r.g.dicks.


I hope this post has been helpful if you have any more questions fee free to ask, do let me know what sites/apps you use and what works well for you. 🙂

Magnum pop up shop ☆


Today I visited the magnum pop up shop in Seven dials, Covent Garden. Unfortunately it has not been the nicest day to eat ice cream, but I can never resist!

We waited about 5 minutes in the roped off queue outside the shop, which didn’t even feel that long as Seven dials is such a busy place that people watching will help to pass the time.

The pop up shop is decorated with beautiful magnum inspired art created by Moschino and Moschinos’ creative directer Jeremy Scott. I think my favourite piece was the leopard print crystal encrusted magnum, which just reminds me of the leopard print adidas trainers Jeremy Scott designed. I’ve included the link to the hiking boots he also did here.

You go along a service line and are able to select which ice cream, which chocolate coating, which sauce and which sprinkles. I decided to get the vanilla ice cream dipped in white chocolate. The toppings I had were hibiscus flowers, praline pecans and caramel pearls. I had a dark chocolate
drizzle and a white chocolate (M) button.

Whether you are a fan or ice cream this shop is well worth a visit!
They have such a variety of toppings to choose from there is something for every taste.

The opening times and location are below & the shop will be open until the 10th of September 🙂

Magnum pleasure store:
21-23 Earlham street, WC2H 9LL, London.

Opening hours:
Sunday 10am-6pm
Monday to Wednesday 10am-7pm
Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-10pm

Schools out for the summer ☆


Wahooooo! As you may or may not know the school year has now finished, so I thought I might share some of my favourite things to do this year has been. Some of these ideas are original, inspired by Pinterest or completely stolen from Pinterest (sorry! I will include my Pinterest link to you can have a little peep) but I will explain just why I loved them! What’s your favourite thing you have done this year? Maybe you could let me know in the comments section.

Ice & Chalk tuff tray
I originally choose this tuff tray as a quick idea for a really hot summers morning to keep the little ones cool but it evolved into something so much more. The investigation of the melting ice and water sparked colour mixing and a variety of textures to enquire. My little ones wanted to add more and more to the tray so they began by asking for salt to melt the ice quicker (science) and used scissors (fine motor skills) to crush the chalk into a powder. I will definitely be doing this again next year as I know one of our topics will be science, plus I just loved the colours!

Papier mâché planets
I know, I know this has been done so many times! But it was so much fun! Firstly the little ones told us how big to blow up the balloons which they did so well. All our planets were pretty much in size order, we even gave our Saturn rings with a bit of balloon modelling. This was done by our amazing float TA who runs the after school circus club and is just fabulous. We used copy paper instead of news paper but I’ve included the recipe below for our papier mâché gloop below. My little ones had great fun painting the planets, once they were dry, the also added texture with tissue paper and coloured sand. We then used them in our science space display which was a
massive hit!
Gloop recipe
4:3 parts PVA glue
1:3 parts water
Shook in a bottle before mixing with copier paper just so was completely mixed. I mixed the gloop with torn up copier paper in an old tray before pasting around the balloons.

The Crown Jewels mystery
This was amazing and became such a cool enquiry project! Our summer term topic was London we discovered so much information about our city including history, architecture and transport. Our little ones came in one day to find a special delivery from the Tower of London, it was the Crown Jewels. Later that week they received a letter from the queen asking if they could look after the jewels. Unfortunately these jewels were stolen and the little ones had to eliminate staff and work out who it could be. I loved every second of this project from seeing the little ones faces each time we had interaction be it delivery or interviewing staff was priceless. We really was able to push them in different areas of learning with this enquiry project. We used lots words with the new sound of the week in when sending in letters. Counting and making lists of what Jewels we had. Reading up on what we knew about the Crown Jewels, beefeaters and police so we could guard them the best. Creating traps for burglars with junk modelling.what I enjoyed the most in this enquiry project was the innovative independent ideas from the little ones.

Tower of London
Just sticking with our London theme I made some really simple adjustments to a resources we already had. I added laminated beefeater puppets, a Tower of London sign and a laminated image of the Crown Jewels from the story “Pussy cat, Pussy cat, where have you been?”. We enhanced this later in the week by adding black feathers from the ‘ravens’.This small world sparked such great vocabulary in a variety of areas. The little ones also independently added the small world people small to have tourists, and used our money to buy tickets for entry. This will inspire me to adjust other resources, especially for small world play.

Let me know what some of your favourite things to do this year have been, what you are planning or if I can help in anyway 🙂

Viva Las Vegas ☆

As summer comes to an end I can’t help but reminisce how wishy washy this years summer has been. We have had some great days and I have really made the most of them however last years summer was hard to top. I had an amazing trip to California starting in the bright light city which really set my soul on fire!

The long awaited excitement started from another year previous from our booking our British airways flights. This really reduced our ticket price and ensured we had the flight as flight to Las Vegas to get booked quickly.

I honestly have to say that flying to Las Vegas was the worst flight I have ever had! I am not the best of flyers at the best of times, but having the cabin neighbour from hell made things a whole lot worse. (seriously the worst he stole my paper, kept making me close the shutter to the window, wouldn’t let me out my seat) maybe I was expecting too much from the flight, like an aeroplane version of coach trip or a party plane but this start left me apprehensive of how lucky this holiday was going to be.

But touching down with 3 of my best friends this was the start of a holiday of a life time. Top tip: Don’t take photos in the airport, security shout at you!

Stepping out in to 42C was heaven! We got a taxi to our hotel the Venetian which cost around $35. Arriving at the cool water misted entrance to our grand hotel was amazing people could not do enough for us!

What really shocked me was the sheer size of the hotels, I heard everything in the US was big but it felt like I had arrived to a mini Venice for sure!

Our first night consisted of a little flutter, we couldn’t resist the twinkling lights of the slot machines and the buzz of the roulette and craps tables.

We made our way through the hotels casino just like was in a scene from the hangover (The start of the night!) and made our way through to the sister hotel.

We took obligatory pictures with the waterfall and was found by an enthusiastic and hyper club promoter.

He welcomed us into Lavo with no entrance fee and free drinks all night! This seemed a little too good to be true however throughout our stay in Vegas we realised this was very common.

Lavo out of all clubs in Vegas had the music most to my taste they even played a bit of Craig David! Staff was fantastic too I started to talk to the general manager who offered to help us get tickets to a baseball game while we was in L.A.

We then decided it would be a great idea to explore the famous Las Vegas strip, the bright lights called our names. We missed the last show of the fountains at the Bellagio but definitely made up for it with a million pictures/videos with characters from every film you can imagine (minions/Elsa/transformers). We went to bed very happy girls after being awake 48 hours!

Our first experience of an American breakfast was unreal! Piles of sausages, bacon, hash browns and PANCAKES! Breakfast at the Grande Luxe Venetian was a favourite and kept us full and ready for the next few days of adventure.

Las Vegas wouldn’t be Las Vegas if not for the pool party’s, we choose Wet republic with Calvin Harris.

I wore an Asos white swimming costume, pink skirt from river island, amazon fashion Supertrip glasses and Melissa wedges. I’ve tagged look-alike for my costume and skirt but the wedges and sunglasses are the same.

The pool party was great, such a variety of people. But if you are going prepare for overcrowding, expensive drinks ($40) and a lot of waiting around. After we left we checked out MGM where the pool party is hosted, it was nice not the best but nice.

We then took the monorail expecting to see some of the strip, unfortunately you see more of the freeway which runs parallel to the strip but hey ho all part of the experience.

Another fun packed day ensued. We were to visit the Gran Canon by helicopter. It was breath taking. We booked with maverick on the wind dancer tour. Being a nervous flyer I was not looking forward to the helicopter, but it was so much fun! It feels like you are in so much more control. I was told it was going to be cold in the Gran canon, it made sense, but it was so hot!

I wore zara button down off the shoulder shirt dress, Toms sunglasses,new look Pom Pom hair band and blue and white converse.

We stopped in the middle of the canon on rock that had eroded over thousands of years. We looked down from the jagged descent and could see the Colorado river.

We flew over the Hoover dam, Boulder city and lake mead, but the best thing was seeing wild horses roam the desert.

The next day we went to the gun range, The Gun Store who actually picked us up from our hotel in a fancy mini bus. I have mixed feelings about guns in America.

Although this experience definitely helped my understanding. At the gun range it was very relaxed and calm but found it so bizarre that you can buy family packages.

We had the opportunity to try 3 different guns and was helped by a very experienced ranger. As nervous as I was (literally shaking and my eye protection steamed up) I had a very good shot. You know you want me on your side for a zombie apocalypse!

Siegfried and Roy have been entertains tourists and visitors to Las Vegas for so many years it would have been a shame to miss a part of their legacy So we went to see Siegfried & Roy’s secret garden. We got a package where we were able to meet the Dolphins. We met an old dolphin named Twinkle, who definitely had a twinkle in his eye. We also saw the White lions and tigers. It was so strange to see the trainers in with these animals and to see them so close, A small chain fence separated us.

Showgirls and sparkle- Vegas! The show at Planet Hollywood had plenty of this! I’m not a massive fan of Circe du solie which seems to be shown in some variation at every hotel in vegas, Im much more a fan of cabaret/musicals/old Hollywood glamour so this show was right up my Fremont street! We paid for a drink ticket which we thought included free drink through out the performance, but nope was just one drink, booooo!. But the show was entertaining and dazzling, taking you on a magical experience of the history of Vegas jam packed with performances by singers, magicians, show girls and comedians.


Skyfall bar at Mandalay bay is a must go, fabulous cocktails and amazing view. The viewing deck was closed due to weather however floor to ceiling windows make sure you don’t miss a piece of the strip. I drank a compass course which was vodka watermelon and mint! Really refreshing and a definite recommendation.

The barman at the Effiel restaurant is so helpful Kind and funny. He made our last drink watching the Bellagio fountains in Vegas the best and a moment I will never forget. This maybe the best View to watch the fountains in my humble opinion as you can sit crowd free with a glass of bubbles and really appreciate the magic of Vegas.

Earlier this year Dan went to Las Vegas, I asked if he had done any of the stuff we had done, he didn’t even know half of this stuff was there! Las Vegas is really what you make of it, you need to go in with an open mind and ready to suck up every bit of fun it throws at you!

Would I return? Yes! I would love to go back and do all the bits I didn’t get to do like the heart attack grill , neon museum or even get married in a little white chapel who knows!

If you have any recommendations to what you like in Vegas, please comment, I am always planning my second trip and would love be to know what I missed! If you have any questions, please comment, I will do my best to answer 🙂

And lastly a big Thank you to my best friends for a trip of a life time . X